V-Ray 5 for SketchUp Education 1-Year Student License Download Mac/Windows


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Important Info
V-Ray Education can be purchased by a "Student“ who can confirm enrollment at a degree-granting educational institution. Students must present current academic proof at the educational institution to purchase a license.

Each seat of V-Ray is good for activating one computer as a standalone or a license server. When using a license server the computers on your local area network can take turns using that seat or seats.

Product Description

Professional Rendering for Architects and Designers
V-Ray 5 for SketchUp is more than just a rendering engine. Designed to fit right within your SketchUp workflow, V-Ray 5 for SketchUp gives you the added power to quickly and easily create photorealistic renders. Whether you want to show off a new model or visualize your most detailed 3D scene, V-Ray 5 for SketchUp will help take your work to the Next level.

V-Ray 5 for SketchUp features greatly improved workflow, making it easier and faster than ever to interact with your SketchUp scene, organize your assets, set up lighting, and render your best work. Smarter tech like 3D Scene Intelligence can now automatically analyze and optimize your renders for you, plus take advantage of many performance optimizations for both CPU and GPU rendering. Whatís more, on average GPU rendering has been accelerated to be twice as fast as before.

V-Ray 5 for SketchUp is immediately compatible with the new SketchUp 2021, as well as versions 2016-2020.

V-Ray 5 for SketchUp System Requirements