SketchUp Studio for Teacher 1-Year License Download with SU Podium V2.6 w/Podium Browser and Dibac Architectural Plug-ins


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You will be required to provide academic proof before obtaining your license. Non-teaching staff, research staff, and Facilities/Planning Department staff are not eligible for the SketchUp Pro Teacher license. If you are not in the United States or Canada, please order from an International SketchUp Pro Reseller.

SketchUp Studio for Teachers

Teachers should have free reign to explore all the products available to the AEC industry, so SketchUp Studio is SketchUp’s entire product suite, bundled into one Teacher license.

Included in SketchUp Studio:

SketchUp Pro 2021
SketchUp’s desktop modeler

Present your work in 2D

Style Builder
Create custom sketchy-edge styles

SketchUp Web
SketchUp’s core 3D modeler accessible on the web

3D Warehouse
A web-based 3D model library with millions of free user-created models

Extension Warehouse
A library of custom third-party extensions for SketchUp Pro

Building performance analysis for the early stages of design

Trimble Connect
Cloud storage and collaboration platform

Mobile Viewer
Review 3D models on mobile or tablet devices

Mixed Reality (XR) Viewer
Augmented and virtual reality viewing of SketchUp models

SketchUp Campus
SketchUp’s official online learning guide

SU Podium V2.6 with Podium Browser
A rendering plug-in for SketchUp that will turn your SketchUp model into a photo-real image.

A plug-in that creates 3D walls, doors, windows, wardrobes, and staircases from your 2D drawings.